Earth Day Every Day Art April 20-24

Earth Day Every Day Art

Week of April 20-24

Art students of Mrs. Reynolds, FA



Dear students and families, Welcome back! I hope you have enjoyed the wonders of nature and exploration this past week, and now you get to design some art out of nature!

Please watch this video and imagine the possibilities with the materials near you.


**Please be careful for insects that may sting or bite, poison ivy newly springing up with shiny leaves, snakes, and sharp objects.


Start with a hula hoop or have a parent outline a 4-foot circle outdoors with a string.

Start observing and gathering materials for your design. Start in the middle and work your way around. This is a family activity, so be the leader of the project and assign jobs for siblings and parents:)

Take a picture and share in Google classroom when finished.


Stay well and can’t wait to see your work!!

Mrs. Reynolds