Dear Children 6-8

Parents: Here is a resource with considerations for you as you process how to discuss current events with your children. PBS on Racism for Children

Dear Children,

I miss my letters to you! I have been busy. I spent last week working on your memory books, and now I am getting things organized for my class next year. As you might guess, I spent all day yesterday working on my deck and enjoying this great weather. I hope you were outside all day too!

Did you get your things from FA?  (Landon and Carter yours are on the way!) I enjoyed putting together your gift bags and I hope you enjoy using them! I have a new and special story for you. 

I hope you are having a great summer so far.

I love you and I miss you,

Mrs. Kolotos


Dear Children 5-28

Dear Children,

You owe your parents a big thank you. They have been right there with you, making sure you learned everything you needed to. Maybe you can do something kind for them today!

I will miss writing my letters to you! This is my last official post. But I may just surprise you this summer vacation! Today I have your favorite story this year. The one you asked for again and again.

Would you like to make a smoothie? Try this recipe! No swiss chard? Skip it or substitute another green leaf. Use ripe berries, or add a little honey.

Are you ready for another challenge? Pick one, or two or three!

  1. Build a zoo/house/robot out of legos.
  2. Draw a map of our classroom. Use your memory!
  3. Find as many yellow things as you can in one minute.
  4. Make up a dance to the Happy song by Pharrell Williams. 

I hope to see you tomorrow at the Lower School Assembly! 

You have worked so hard this year, at school and at home. So many people are proud of you, your teachers, your parents, your grandparents, your neighbors, Mrs. Estes and Mrs. Moschetto. You have had a very unusual year and you conquered it with ease.

I love you and I miss you. I can’t wait to see what you do next year! Keep me posted on your adventures this summer.


Mrs. Kolotos

Dear Children 5-27

Dear Children,

I had fun seeing some of you last night at the camp fire. I hope you liked my spooky story. I have another one for you today! I bet you know what this one is!!

You made me read that one over and over at Halloween time!

Here is another of your favorites.

Here is a fun song by a little girl.


Click here to do a jigsaw puzzle online! Puzzles

Do you remember our hat challenge? I challenge you to make a hat that you can run in! You can only use paper, scissors, tape and glue and you have to be able to run across your yard without it falling off. Good luck!

You are awesome and I’m so proud of you! 


Mrs. Kolotos


Dear Children 5-26

Dear Children,

I hope you enjoyed our meeting this morning. It was nice hearing your memories and looking at some of our pictures from the year. If you’re like me, you’re a little sad school is over and a little glad too. 

Here’s a Beach Boys song to get you back in the Beach Day spirit. This is how people used to dance in their bathing suits, a long time ago. 

I thought you might enjoy doing some fun beach day crafts today. If you have some sandpaper at home you might like to make a sandcastle with it.

You will need sandpaper or sand colored paper. I used both in mine. You will also need some white paper, glue and crayons. Cut the sandpaper into different sized squares. You or your grown up can cut some fancy pieces to be the tops of the sandcastle. Then you can decorate all around it. Use your crayons to make sand, and an ocean or sky around it. Don’t forget to make a flag! Here’s mine. Can you find the sea shells?

If you don’t have sandpaper, but you do have a paper plate, you can make a 3-D starfish. You can use paint, markers, crayons or water colors to finish it. Here is mine. First the top, then the bottom.

Here are the directions. Starfish

The last project is a funny seagull. Here is mine.

You just need a paper plate and crayons. Have your grown up draw a head shape on the plate. Cut out the head and fold down the wings. Color a small orange triangle and two yellow feet. Cut them out and glue them on. Draw two eyes and you’re done! Isn’t he silly?

Here is another one of your favorite stories! Bad Dog, Marley! 

And finally, here is the video that we watched this morning in the meeting. Just in case you want someone in your family to see it. (Inspired by Alison at

I hope I will see you tonight at the Camp Fire. I’m telling a spooky story! Have a fun day and check the blog for a few fun things tomorrow.


Mrs. Kolotos

Dear Children 5-21

Parents — The phonics story that accompanies letterbook Z, Red Fuzz, is available on the Printable Resources tab above.

The children will need the three Z pop outs for page 14 today.

Dear Children,

Today we will finish our Z letterbook, which means we will be finished with ALL of our letterbooks! I have another favorite story, some happy dance party music and a wacky zoo animal art project! Let’s finish with a bang!

Today is computer and library day! You can click above the balloon picture to see what Mrs. Atkins and Mrs. Larochelle sent for you! 

Dance Party! Come on, let’s dance! (Parents this video has an ad at the beginning.)

I have a fun zoo animal art project for you. Listen to this poem.

Now you draw a scrambled animal. You can combine two or three animals together. Then tell me what you would name it! I made an elephant-bear-bird, which I am calling the Ele-bear-d!

We’ll finish with a funny story! 

Congratulations! You finished your letterbooks! I’m so proud of you! Your parents are proud of you! YOU are proud of you! It’s a proud day in JK!!! Celebrate with your family this weekend! You deserve it. No school on Monday for the holiday. Tuesday through Thursday will just be fun things for you to do if you want to. Wednesday will be our last class call and Beach Day! Friday will be our Lower School Assembly and then … summer vacation!

I love you and I miss you!

Mrs. Kolotos


Dear Children 5-20

Dear Children,

Did you enjoy seeing your friends this morning? Me too! It was fun hearing about everyone’s vacations. Wouldn’t it be fun to go to France or Spain for a vacation and be able to speak the language? Today is foreign language day! You can click on your language tab above the balloon picture to see what Madam Ibarra and Maestra Lontor sent for you! 

Or how about a vacation to New Zealand? Today we will learn a little about that country and do a few pages in our Z letterbook. Then I have one of your favorite stories for you, a fun zoo animal math activity and a silly song. Are you ready?

Here is a song I know you will love! Sing along.

I thought you might like to learn a little geography about a country with a Z in it’s name, New Zealand. This is a long video, so maybe watch a little now and a little later.  

One of your favorite funny stories.

Since it’s Wednesday you might like to do your Weekly Reader. The issues are available online. Go to click on login, click on student, enter this password: bumpshape4479. Scroll down and click on any prior issue that you have not already done. Have fun!

I found some fun zoo math. Check them out. Do as many or as few as you like. You will need to print the ones you want to do. Zoo Math

Tomorrow we will have our last teaching day. I’m excited to celebrate that with you! Today, as you work and as you play, think of Z throughout the day! You are as brilliant as a Zillion fireflies and as Zesty as a sweet Clementine! Zoom on!

With so much Love,

Mrs. Kolotos

Dear Children 5-19

Dear Children,

Today is art and music day! Mr. Santulli has an exciting announcement for you this week. Check out their posts above the balloons. 

You know the sound of Z, /z/, and how to write them. “Little line across, slide down, little line across.” Say the words in your head when you practice and you will become a better writer. Let’s do a new kind of scavenger hunt today. Listen to this idea.

I recently found out that the Richmond Zoo has created a drive through zoo so you can visit even now when most things are closed! Maybe your family is ready for a little adventure. You and your parents can check it out here. Richmond Zoo Drive Thru Tour

Here is a song about going to the zoo. 

Here is a fun story about some animals you could see at a zoo.

Would you like to play a zoo animal memory game? Print these cards, cut apart, mix up, turn over and take turns trying to find matches! Zoo Matching/Memory Game

What a lot of Z fun we’ve had today. Tomorrow we will have our class call and we will share our favorite vacations! See you then. Today, as you work and as you play, think of Z throughout the day. Have a  Zippy and Zestful Tuesday!


Mrs. Kolotos

Dear Children 5-18

This week on Wednesday we will have favorite vacation share. I will send you invites to small groups and whole class. Join if you can. Class Call Schedule

Dear Children,

This is our last week of letterbooks. We are on the letter Z! Can you believe it? If we were in our classroom our number line would be almost to the end of the whiteboard! Today is going to be about Zebras and Zoos!  I’m excited to get going.

Oh, and today is PE day! You can click above the balloon picture to see what Mrs. Wimble sent for you! 

Well we talked about zebras quite a bit in our letter books today, so I thought you might like to explore that a little more. Here’s some information about zebras. 

Those videos were both from the San Diego Zoo. They have a wonderful website for kids with lots of fun things to see and do. You can check it out for yourself. San Diego Zoo

Here is our Z story for today. 

Would you like to make a zebra puppet? (You need a lunch bag, black and white paper, glue, scissors and markers/crayons. If you don’t have black paper you can color the shapes and then cut them out.) 

I know a fun game. Grocery Store Alphabet. This is how you play.

Thank you for being such a good listener today. I know it’s getting harder to think about school work when spring is outside your door, but I hope you had some fun while you were learning today. You are working so hard that we are almost finished with our letterbooks! Have a Zany, Zealous day! You are awesome!


Mrs. Kolotos